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Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Newest Form of Bargain Hunting

I have recently discovered a great way to find bargains and get rid of stuff my family no longer needs (purging mostly toys and outgrown kids items!!). The only thing is, the more I sell and bargain hunt, the more time I find myself spending on these sites! lol!

I have joined two facebook groups that are online yard sales, and I know there are lots more like them! If you're interested in checking them out they are: Delco's Online Closet Sale and Delaware County Online Yard Sale.

You can post pictures and/or descriptions of items you would like to sell, trade, or just give away.
You can also post items you are looking to purchase!

All buying and selling is done AT YOUR OWN RISK. Be safe. Be Smart.

Happy Selling/Bargain Hunting!



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